Saturday, 12 April 2008

Charlie Chan fan?

Earl Derr Biggers "Keeper of the keys" is his 6th and final Charlie Chan novel which was first published in the U.S. in 1932 by Bobbs-Merrill company.
Synopsis. At Dudley Ward's house in the Sierras is gathered a unique group of people. With the exception of Charlie Chan, all have one bond in common. Four are ex-husbands, and one the future husband of the famous singer, Ellen Landini. Suddenly she herself appears- only to be murdered.
With so many suspects and so many clues, Charlie Chan becomes enmeshed in the most baffling mystery he has yet encountered. But KEEPER OF THE KEYS is more than a swell mystery yarn that keeps you engrossed and guessing to the last page. It is a fascinating story of live people, of intense loyalty and of young love.
And through it all glides Charlie Chan, with his charm, his broken English, his Chinese philosophy and his ability to use his head when others are not so smart.

Well, at the time of writing I have only reached page 48, but needless to say I will let you know if the blurb lives up to its promise. Oh by the way I love it when "swell" is used. It reminds me of Oliver Hardy at his bumptious best.

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Reading Journal 2008 said...

Hi Phil! Glad I inspired you, and looking forward to keeping up with your blog entries - in particular the photos of the first editions etc. I really like the cover of the Charlie Chan novel - almost Art Deco-esque! Look after yourself... Kay