Tuesday, 28 October 2008


What a strange few days. Firstly, I must apologise to Jayne for being in such a withdrawn and insular mood, to be perfectly frank i don't know what or why I get into this moods. Anyway, last Monday I went to my MIND group drop in to find a new lady there called "Shell", towards the end of the evening Shell suggested that she knew me from my school days, sorry Shell but I couldn't place you at all. Anyway Shell was at the group again yesterday and we sat nattering to each other for a good hour. It was lovely to talk with somebody about old things, places and lost friends. What's more I am looking forward to seeing Shell next week as well, we seem to have struck up an almost instant friendship.

Ghost number 2 showed up a day or two later. This was Mark, a very good friend whom again I had gone school with. He made contact with me through "Friends reunited" and has now e-mailed me and told me a little of what he has done with his life. Although from the outside looking in, everything seems to be rosy in his garden, he has hinted at one or two hurdles that he and his family have had to go through. Whilst i am delighted to have heard from Mark, I know that it won't be as easy for me to communicate with him as it is with either Shell or Kay. Another unfortunate trait I suffer from all in the glorious name of Aspergers. So why more trouble with Mark, well it's got to have something to do with a sense of common ground not shared. We will see where we go with that one.

Ghost number 3, a much more recent acquaintance made, this being the both intelligent and informed Shelly from Minnesota. Jayne and I met Shelly in Ireland and we exchanged e-mail addresses, but for one reason or another I made a mess of writing Shelly's down. I then consigned Shelly to the "Met on holiday, we'll keep in touch, but never do" pile. Oh Shelly I cannot say sorry enough, "Oh yea of little faith" I should have realised that you were sincere when you said you wished to stay in touch.

Cliffs of Moher, beautifully spectacular.

The beach on Inisheer, the smallest of the Aran islands.
Scary monster, just before "All Hallows Eve".
Gladys Mitchell, "The Twenty-Third Man", U.K. first edition published by Michael Joseph, 1957. p 247. Jacket by Kennith Farnhill. A little sub note to this book and that is , it is the only one of Glady's books that I own that carries her signature. It also has an inscription in Latin.
Answers on a post card.

Saturday, 18 October 2008


One of the beauties of going on holiday is the amount of time available to just sit down and do a bit of quality reading. No TV, no Internet, no work and in my case no mobile phone to distract. So whilst on holiday in Doolin an ideal opportunity to complete my present read.

Anthony Gilbert "The Finger print" U.K. first edition, printed by Collins, 1964, pages256.

My second Gilbert book and it just confirms what I already knew, that these books are well worth both my time and money. Gilbert is a pseudonym for the British author, Lucy Beatrice Malleson 1899-1973. Her first book was published in 1925 under another pseudonym, that of J. Kilmeny Keith. Her first book carrying the name of Anthony Gilbert was published in 1927 "The Tragedy at Freyne ". In total Malleson had 70 books published.

Patricia Wentworth "The Finger print" U.K. first edition, printed by Hodder and Stoughton, 1959, pages 254.

This was my first attempt at Patricia Wentworth, and the "blurb" gave me every reason to be optimistic about it.

"The fingerprint was the pride and joy of Jonathan Field's collection, and he enjoyed telling the story of how he acquired it from a self-admitted murderer who was probably still at large. When he himself was murdered, the print was torn from his album."

However, I felt slightly let down at the conclusion of the book. Well worth a read, however given a choice between the two finger prints, I know which one I'd choose.

"And now for something completely different" as somebody said before. I finally got an appointment through to see a psychiatrist, not before time, as it has been 8 months in coming. It will be interesting to see whether there will be any benefit to gain from any consultations.

Thursday, 16 October 2008


Last Thursday Jayne and I went to Ireland for a 4 night stay. Flying from East Midlands to Shannon only took about an hour. At the airport we picked up our hire car (Always pay with a credit card) and then made about an hour journey to Doolin. We stayed here http://www.dubhlinnhouse.com/ for 3 nights. It was a beautiful, tranquil and very friendly experience. We loved every minute. Met Shelly from St Pauls, Pauline and Gary from Brisbane. These suspicious characters were met in O' Connors pub on the Friday night. The undoubted highlight of the break was our trip out to Inishere, one of the Aran Islands. Some photos, others will follow on other entries.

The center of Limerick, which way ?
O'Connors on a friday night, blurry picture thanks Jayne.

Fisherman Jayne.

Me slurping away at more coffee, in Doolin's Magnetic Music Cafe. A super little stop off.

Sunday, 5 October 2008


Saturday night out and about, socialising and not with just Jayne, what is going on? Last night we went along with Carl and Lynne, from across the road to a quiz night. Generally very enjoyable and also quite surprising to actually find out how much trivial knowledge is floating around inside ones head. Out of about 16 teams, we finished a very respectable 4th. But no night out for me can run smoothly, as the lady behind me had to mark one answer incorrect because I had neglected to put the "The" in front of "Look of love" by ABC. To then compound my misery she then has to touch me, completely unaware that I can't abide unwanted physical contact. This then sets me on a road of cynicism, scathing comments and mutterings aimed at all sundry. Now this would be fine if nobody can hear or take any notice of you, but unfortunately I start to effect my fellow 3 team mates. The fact that trivial nonsense like this has stayed with me deep in to today only goes to show why going out and "Enjoying" yourself is not such a good idea for me.

Anthony Gilbert has managed to rise to the top of my to read list, however it isn't "Riddle of a lady" as was listed 31/08. No, the one that has fell in to my hands is "The fingerprint". More will follow when read. Meanwhile some Gladys.

Gladys Mitchell, No winding-sheet, first U.K. edition published by Michael Joseph 1984, p208, jacket Graham Rogers.

Gladys Mitchell, Uncoffin'd Clay, first U.K. edition published by Michael Joseph 1980, p189, jacket Graham Rogers.

Baseball final positions; Fleckney Flyers, 201 overall, in the 8 BJ div'
Nice 'n' Sleazy, 161 overall, in the 6 BJ div'