Wednesday, 2 April 2008

one of those days

Things started well today as Jayne and I started to sort out and tidy her pre-school "stuff". Needless to say it didn't take long for the 2 man operation to turn into a 1 man job as I did my vanishing act.
I rang LEAT up today, this is a charity that deals with sufferers of Autism, particularly Asperges, which is something that I was recently diagnosed with, the idea being to check up on any progress regarding claiming benefits. To be updated.
Recently got hold of 2 Earl Derr Biggers books, although not firsts they are both published the same year as the originals and so for me as good as. Twisted Souls turned out as just an average Hutson, recommend his older contributions as his undiluted best. The next book, started today is M C Beaton's Agatha Raisin & The quiche of death. This is her first contribution to her Agatha Raisin's stories which have been adapted for radio.
On the left is the cover for Gladys Mitchells "Fault in the structure". First published in U.K. by Michael Joseph in 1977. This is a middle of the road effort by Gladys, it certainly has it's moments of interest but if you're looking for your traditional whodunits this ain't it. If you've never read a Gladys before this is probably not the best place to start, that would inevitably be "Speedy death" her excellent first book.

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