Wednesday, 17 September 2008


I don't know where it goes, the intangible, indefinable enigma of time. I go to work, do my job, come home knackered, check my e-mails, baseball, e-bay etc. Then watch a bit of telly, and eventually about 10pm go to bed to do it all again the next day. This does not happen every day, as on Monday nights I go to my MIND group in Market Harborough. This operates as a drop in from 6 till 8. It also provides me with probably my biggest social weekly activity. The only other regular out of house activity is my Thursday late afternoon befriending session with Bob. This has a dual benefit for me, these being it gives me a social outlet and also a sense of pride in respect of doing something positive for somebody who needs it.

Now I know someone who also found themselves in a rut and has taken huge strides to "reinvent" themselves. Unfortunately I don't think this is within my grasp. The only way I can see myself going forward is to take short little steps. We talked about an issue that's typical for me and occured today. We were at a shop and I stood at the counter quite happy in myself, but Jayne who stood to one side observed that my demeanor gave off what she describes as a menacing and aggressive look. Now certain people react to this demeanor in negative manners and this can then effect me and escalation can follow. I then find myself having an experience that will stay with me for sometimes hours, days or weeks. One of the curses of Aspergers.

Anyway, enough moaning, some covers. Gladys Mitchell's two 1974 publications.

" A Javelin for Jonah ", U.K. first edition, published by Michael Joseph, 1974, p200.

"Winking at the Brim", U.K. first edition, published by Michael Joseph,1974, p192

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