Saturday, 6 September 2008


It all started on 5th Feb' this year, and on Friday I had my appeal hearing. The result of this was there was going to be no change to my current status, that of being on a final written warning. When the G M explained his position, it really did leave him very little room for manoeuvre.

I went and saw Bob on Thursday as part of my "Befriending". He can talk plenty and has some fascinating tales about his life and some of the characters he has met. This week he touched upon a man who is infamous in his own right, and was the Richardson's main enforcer, he being Frankie Fraser. Being someone primarily interested in crime fiction, it is amazing to listen to these stories on real life criminals and their exploits.

Started reading "Dance to your Daddy" by Gladys Mitchell, first U.K. edition published 1969, P207. Jacket by Salim Patell.


Dame Beatrice Lestrange Bradley is invited to visit a man named Romilly Lestrange who claims kinship with her through her first husband. He wants her to examine his young wife, who, he states, has contracted a strange habit of throwing inanimate and also animate objects into the sea off a place called Dancing Ledge.

Dame Beatrice soon decides that there is little substance in the tale. Moreover, the girl denies that she is married to Lestrange and declares that he has kidnapped her in order to cheat her out of her inheritance.

Dame Beatrice is convinced that neither of these accounts covers the facts, and the sudden and unaccountable death of a younger member of the Lestrange family causes her to begin a serious search for the truth and for the murderer. This results in a story directly descended from victorian melodrama, with an urban villain and a modest hero in the best melodramatic tradition, with Dame Beatrice, as usual, the dea ex machina.

On page 50 already, and can safely say that i am thoroughly enjoying every word and nuance. This is one of Glady's most highly rated. I will reserve judgement for now.

Baseball latest, Fleckney Flyers, 108 overall, 4 in the BJ div.

Nice 'n' Sleazy, 205 overall, 9 in the BJ div.

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