Sunday, 5 October 2008


Saturday night out and about, socialising and not with just Jayne, what is going on? Last night we went along with Carl and Lynne, from across the road to a quiz night. Generally very enjoyable and also quite surprising to actually find out how much trivial knowledge is floating around inside ones head. Out of about 16 teams, we finished a very respectable 4th. But no night out for me can run smoothly, as the lady behind me had to mark one answer incorrect because I had neglected to put the "The" in front of "Look of love" by ABC. To then compound my misery she then has to touch me, completely unaware that I can't abide unwanted physical contact. This then sets me on a road of cynicism, scathing comments and mutterings aimed at all sundry. Now this would be fine if nobody can hear or take any notice of you, but unfortunately I start to effect my fellow 3 team mates. The fact that trivial nonsense like this has stayed with me deep in to today only goes to show why going out and "Enjoying" yourself is not such a good idea for me.

Anthony Gilbert has managed to rise to the top of my to read list, however it isn't "Riddle of a lady" as was listed 31/08. No, the one that has fell in to my hands is "The fingerprint". More will follow when read. Meanwhile some Gladys.

Gladys Mitchell, No winding-sheet, first U.K. edition published by Michael Joseph 1984, p208, jacket Graham Rogers.

Gladys Mitchell, Uncoffin'd Clay, first U.K. edition published by Michael Joseph 1980, p189, jacket Graham Rogers.

Baseball final positions; Fleckney Flyers, 201 overall, in the 8 BJ div'
Nice 'n' Sleazy, 161 overall, in the 6 BJ div'

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