Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Had a meeting today with work, and we managed to agree a way forward in my reintroduction back to work. When I say we, virtually all the initiatives and ideas came from my rep' and myself. Even though the meeting ended with positive outcomes, I still think that there is an undercurrent of duplicity.

The last 2 books I have read were "The best detective stories of Cyril Hare". And "Scales of justice" by Ngaio Marsh.

The Marsh book was a decent enough entry in her bibliography. Good enough story, interesting characters, suitably fishy fingerprints and a satisfying enough solution. I have read worse, but also better. Worth a read.

Cyril Hare's collection of short stories is excellent. I haven't read a collection of short stories since Agatha Christie's "Labours of Hercules". I can safely state that the two books easily match each other in quality. There is mystery, twists, humour and even a ghost story in this fine collection. An example of the humour comes from the story entitled "Mondays child", when describing two different girls, we are told "I suppose her vital statistics were in order, but looking at her you forgot about them. It was the sheer beauty of her face that took your breath away. "

The other girl is described thus " She had a face which didn't distract you for one moment from her vital statistics."

Marks out of 10 for these 2 books, Marsh gets 7, Cyril Hare gets a big fat 10 !!!!

2 Gladys Mitchell audio books.

"Three quick and five dead", by Assembled stories, read by Eliza Hunt.

" Noonday and Night", by Soundings Audio Books, read by Anne Cater.

Baseball standings.

Fleckney flyers 159 overall, 7 in the BJ div.

Nice 'n' sleazy 344 overall, 16 in the BJ div.

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