Saturday, 5 July 2008


By my usual standards my book buying has slowed down. However when compared with more recent times, I have been quite a spendaholic.
I was very fortunate to get hold of Glady's Mitchell's "Churchyard salad" First published by Michael Joseph, London, 1969. P247. The 4th of 6 books published under the pseudonym of "Malcolm Torrie." Cover design by Graphic Partners. Let's be honest it's a bit crap. Why fortunate to get hold of this? When it was placed on e-bay, it was only advertised under "Malcolm Torrie" and not under Glady's Mitchell. I think it slipped under the radar somewhat.

The front and back of Colin Watson (1920-1983) "The Naked Nuns" First edition published 1975 by Eyre Methuen. P175. This is especially for Kay, hope you enjoy it and if you know the cover artist, let me know. Thanks.

This one was a step into uncharted waters, I know very little about Josephine Bell, or her works, other than she was first published in 1937 with " Death on the borough council", her final book "The Innocent" was published in 1983. This book "Death in Clairvoyance" First edition published by Longmans Green and Co, London 1949. P244. It was both the age of the book and its wonderful jacket that made me dig deep for it. Any help with the jacket design would be
greatly appreciated.

Baseball update, for the first time, my number one team has overtaken my number two team.
Fleckney flyers 244 overall, 08 in the BJ div'
Nice 'n' sleazy 324 overall, 12 in the BJ div'

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Chocolate Cobwebs said...

Thank you for posting the Colin Watson cover, both back and front. I don't know the cover artist... and after some searching on the Net I'm still none the wiser. Let me know if you ever find out! Kay