Sunday, 31 August 2008


Apparently being able to empathise is an ability that people with Aspergers is bereft of. This has been confirmed by my long suffering wife and partner. When she needs a person to lean on, have an arm placed around her, and general comforting, I am afraid that I can be found wanting. This I hasten to add, is not because I don't care, feel the pain, anguish or upset, it's because I can't express or I struggle to show my feelings and yes to empathise.

Two people spoke to me this weekend and both expressed, what was for me, surprising problems they were experiencing. I feel really flattered that these two wonderful people have told me of their issues, I just hope that I can find the right way, words, thoughts and emotions to help these people. I go through these periods of self doubt, but am determined to do whatever I can for both of my friends. Like I have already said it is not that I care, because I do passionately, It's just that my body language, in the shape of its awkwardness, and also what appears to be an uninterested and dispassionate persona gives off bad vibes. What I am also very conscious of is my selfishness in going on about my problems and neglecting others. This is probably down to self indulgence and if I go on about myself I won't have my shortcomings in the empathy stakes show. So particularly to the two people I have already referred to I am sorry. I and swear that I will do what I can for you.

Anyway, enough of that. Now that I seem to have built up a rather long list of to reads, here are a few of them;

Gladys Mitchell-Dance to your Daddy

Gladys Mitchell-Death of a burrowing Mole

Marion Babson-The twelve deaths of Christmas

Anthony Gilbert-Riddle of a Lady

Margery Allingham-Hide my Eyes

David Roberts-Bones of the buried

Ngaio Marsh-Off with his head

M.C. Beaton-The Walkers of Dembley

Here are my 2 beautiful rescue cats, Shady and Sadie.

Sadie is the short haired.

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