Sunday, 21 December 2008


I feel compelled to post an entry concerning the recent trial and committal of Robert Napper. He is regarded as a serial rapist and murderer. Most infamously guilty of the Rachel Nickell murder on Wimbledon Common on July 15 1992, witnessed by her 35 month old son. He is to be detained in Broadmoor high security mental hospital indefinitely. Which in his case means life.

So why do I feel so compelled as to make this entry? Well at his trial 2 eminent psychiatrists both pronounced Napper to be a Paranoid Schizophrenic and also suffering from Asperger's. This is not the sort of publicity that this already misunderstood and hidden disability requires or needs. Napper is an exceptional case and no association with his practices and those of us who also have Aspergers should be made... on any grounds.

Having got that off my chest I have become acutely aware that the Gladys covers I have posted has almost left me with hardly any left, well still a few perhaps.

Gladys Mitchell, "Lovers Make Moan" first U.K. edition published by Michael Joseph, 1981, p192, jacket Graham Rogers.

Gladys Mitchell, "Death of a Burrowing Mole" first U.K. edition published by Michael Joseph 1982, p204, jacket Graham Rogers.

Anthony Gilbert, "Riddle of a lady" first U.K. edition published for the Crime Club by Collins, 1956, p192.

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