Monday, 5 May 2008


Charlie Chan-Keeper of the keys was finished this weekend, and I have to say was thoroughly enjoyed. As in all good mysteries, every assistance, clue and intimation was given, noted by my good self and employed in my usual vigorous, competent and diligent way in my deduction and subsequent naming of a totally innocent party as being the Moriarty of the book. After incorrectly narrowing the field down to 2 suspects, finding out how wrong I was made me feel more like Clouseau than Holmes. As I have said all the clues are there but the skill is being able to spot them. At the end of the book all is explained, including the title. Marks out of 10, a very solid 7.

Now back to my old favourite, Glady's Mitchell and her book"The Greenstone Griffins. First published in Great Britain by Michael Joseph in 1983. 200 pages.
This was her 4th from last book to be published and was written in the year she died. On Steve Steiner's list (The only one I could find that rates all of Glad's 66 Bradley mysteries) it is given a very high rating of #8.
I have downloaded recently several of the old Charlie Chan films, also Peter Lorre's Mr Moto films. All great fun.
Two more of Glad's books have appeared on e-bay, so funds permitting I will be endeavouring to add them to my library.

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