Thursday, 22 May 2008

"Bogged down" on Marsh?

Well I have to say that "The Greenstone Griffins" was every bit as good as was promised. If this contribution is ranked #8 then I look forward to tackling the 7 books ranked higher. Of course any list like this is only subjective, but one has to start somewhere. What I especially liked about the book was the opening chapters which concerned Jessica Denefield's (The central character in the story) childhood. Although it was set well before my own childhood, I could relate to certain characters and situations which I grew up with.

Dame Beatrice takes over in the second half of the book, which has for me the refreshing change of no Laura Gavin, but George the chauffeur as her assistant. Of course this is a "Hark" back to her earlier books. Laura was first introduced in "Laurels are poison" 1942. There was one little interchange I found particularly enjoyable, this was between Dame B' and her then secretary Miss Cummings.

"I intend to go unspotted to my nuptial couch, " said Miss Cummings, with the turn of speech that so delighted her employer.

" Yes, I agree," said the latter, with a crocodile grin. "Measles and chicken pox are hardly to be recommended as the introduction to a honeymoon."

This book was published in 1983, the year that Gladys died, and when I compare it with some of Agatha's later efforts, I find no comparison.

I have just started reading my 4th Ngaio Marsh book "Scales of Justice" (See left). First published for THE CRIME CLUB by Collins in 1955. Pages 256.
I have found the 3 previous books that I've read surprisingly enjoyable and would certainly recommend any of them, they being: "Colour Scheme" 1943, "Died in the Wool" 1945, and "Opening Night" 1951.

Fantasy Baseball update, again only for my own benefit. The Fleckney Flyers 322 overall, and 16 in the Blue Jay div'.
Nice and Sleazy 200 overall, and 11 in the BJ div'.

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