Thursday, 8 May 2008


Had my grievance hearing today at work, and generally speaking most of the issues raised were upheld. This can only be good news regarding my outstanding disciplinary.

My 2 baseball fantasy teams are both, so far, holding up well. My first team "Fleckney Flyers" as of today are joint 10th in the Blue Jay Division and 338th overall with 790 points.

My 2nd team "Nice 'n' sleazy" are 3rd in the same division and 67th overall with 850 points. Considering that there are 193 teams in the Blue Jays Division, and 3625 teams overall, both are performing really well.

Success on e-bay, at long last 2 new Gladys books; Pageant of murder 1965, Dance to your Daddy 1969. The 2nd book is supposed to be one of her best. We will see.
This is my latest addition to my Gladys collection, bought on Abebooks, all the way from New Zealand.
1954, first edition, published by Michael Joseph. 224 pages.
"If an impecunious had not accidentally intercepted a telephone call, the mysterious case of Miss Faintley might have defied even Mrs Bradley's efforts at solution. The telephone message began, "Faintley speaking...." and proceeded with instructions to collect a parcel from the local railway station and deliver it to a somewhat shady shopkeeper. The impecunious author delivered the parcel and was so unwise as to demand payment for it........
Not long after, Miss Faintley was murdered. It seemed at first unlikely that she, a prim, quiet schoolmistress, could have anything to do with gang-work__ or with currency smuggling. Yet it was to these activities that Mrs Bradley's investigations led, and which were uncovered in a climax as exciting as anything Miss Mitchell has contrived."

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Chocolate Cobwebs said...

I love this cover. You must be accumulating quite a nice collection of early editions!