Monday, 26 May 2008

A word about me.

I was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome in February this year. It explains so much of what has occurred in my life. Work is a big issue in my life at the moment, with my job presently in jeopardy. This with other issues I am suffering are contributing to a very difficult time with regards to state of mind. If I go to bed when I am tired I find myself awake with the dawn chorus, alternatively I stop up until I am absolutely knackered and then pay the price in a different way.

As I have already said, the suspension from work is going to well, and I am beginning to fear the worst. However the people around me have given me their support and encouragement and that makes me more determined than ever to carry on the fight. The more the case goes on the more I am convinced that it has become personal with one of the management team, who because they were implemented in a grievance that was upheld at an earlier juncture, seems determined to exact her revenge. I am not dead and buried yet and will ensure that should I face dismissal then I will go kicking and screaming to the proverbial gallows.

Should anybody who has Asperger's read this , please get in touch and maybe I can benefit from your own experiences. I will continue to write on bits and pieces like my books and baseball, speaking of which, my latest league positions;

Fleckney Flyers 356 overall, 20 in the Jay div'

Nice 'n' sleazy 140 overall 10 in the Jay div'

Players overall 3754 203 in the Jay div' .

This is a picture I received from Kay in Australia. It is of Glady's, so many thanks and if you read this, best of health to you and your loved ones.


gladdog said...

Great blog - hope you get a few more comments left. For anyone else reading this i'm Phil's wife Jayne, love you lots XXXXX

el escríba said...

Hi! in from Spain! SAlud!