Sunday, 24 August 2008


This week was a bit of a landmark one for me. Not only did I eat out once, but actually made it a two eat out week. Thursday Jayne and I went to Little India, and had a wonderful meal. This meal was definitely the hardest one to attend because I was out in public and felt uncomfortable with strangers around me. Jayne was so supportive and understanding on how I felt in an alien environment, with unfamiliar routines. I do so enjoy quality Indian food.

Meal 2, saw us visit Colin and Shannon for a lovely dinner cooked by Colin. I found that knowing the people and being in a relaxed and informal environment all contributed to ( What for me ) was a fantastic night. I am going to be sending Colin an e-mail later thanking both him and Shannon for last night.

The Olympics are finishing now, and what a games this has been for G.B. In 4 years it will be in London, I only hope we don't have a repeat of the Wembly fiasco.

A lot of people when they list authors, always go for the usual suspects, so for those of you here are a couple of Margery Allingham covers, but just take time out and look to broaden your horizons, there are so many other, more unheralded authors in the crime fiction genre, and become "different" , don't follow the masses. Me myself am always willing to broaden my library and possibly for me find a new Mitchell, Gilbert or Hare.

Anyway Margery Allingham.

Tiger in the Smoke, U.K. first edition, 1952, published Chatto & Windus, p272. Jacket by Youngman Carter.

The Beckoning Lady, U.K. first edition, 1955, published by Chatto & Windus, p244.

Hide My Eyes, U.K. first edition, 1958, published by Chatto & Windus, p219. Jacket by Youngman Carter.

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Chocolate Cobwebs said...

Hi Phil, Just received your email, which was (as always) nice, especially as I had just been about to send YOU an email. You can look out for one soon... I just wanted to say that I love the cover of 'The Beckoning Lady'. I'm jealous! Where did you get it from? Talk soon, Kay