Thursday, 7 August 2008


Getting back to work has been going better than I hoped. The problem never has been the actual job, but always the people. This is especially true concerning the management and peoples team. Frustration is one of the monsters that I mustn't get the better of me. People as we all know tend to have little time or understanding of Aspergers, not necessarily their fault, however once aware some effort should be made to allow for this disability. I have apparently got my grievance hearing next week, although I have not received any formal notification. Again this is what I am trying to illustrate above.

The book I have just finished was Gladys Mitchell, Spotted Hemlock, first published 1958, by Michael Joseph, p239. Wrapper design by Kenneth Farnhill.

The forward reads;

The unusual background for Gladys Mitchell's new novel is two Agricultural Colleges, one for men and the other for women. A woman student is missing and a corpse wearing her clothes is discovered, but the corpse springs a surprise. The scene changes to a holiday camp and then to a hotel in Italy, and after the victim's real identity has been established the murderer has to be tracked down.

Dame Beatrice Lestrange Bradley is called in because her pig-farming nephew holds a temporary post at the College. As always she is well to the fore and her penetrating investigations make Spotted Hemlock an uncommonly entertaining detective novel.

I did enjoy this gladys, although the fate of the murderer was rushed and almost seemed like an inconvenience that had to dealt with. It reminded me very much of another of her later entries; The Death-Cap Dancers, first published 1981, by Michael Joseph, p192, jacket by Graham Rogers.

I have managed to get Jayne hooked onto M.C. Beaton and her Agatha Raisin series of books. Jayne even woke Chelsey up one morning as she howled with laughter, she is now reading the third book in the series whilst I am just starting the second one, The Vicious Vet. Having only read the first in the series, along with Jaynes addiction, I can positively recommend them.

Baseball latest; Fleckney Flyers, 69 overall, 4 in the BJ div

Nice 'n' Sleazy, 259 overall, 10 in the BJ div.

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Chocolate Cobwebs said...

The cover of 'Spotted Hemlock' is gorgeous! Love it.