Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Here we go again, another entry in to depression. I don't quite know why, but whilst I write this I just feel very unsure, tense, vulnerable and anxious. All of these things tend to lead me in to a stressful state and also on a downer. Life, so I am told is for living. Me personally seem to live my life at an almost existence level. There is no apparent or obvious pleasure in this existence, alright I have my books, baseball and at the moment the Olympics. I go to my Monday MIND meetings, where I am slowly being more accepted by the regulars. This gives me a sense of belonging and satisfaction. My social worker has now suggested I see a psychiatrist. Well in for a penny in for a pound.

Baseball latest.

Fleckney Flyers, 95 overall, 4 in the BJ div'.

Nice 'n' sleazy, 220 overall, 7 in the BJ div'.

A nice couple of Ngaio Marsh covers.

Colour Scheme, U.K. first edition, 1943, pub for the crime club by Collins. P256

Died in the wool, U.K. first edition, 1945, pub for the crime club by Collins. P256

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