Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Is it me?

I have just had the long awaited revisit by a social worker, Hilary. So I am getting somewhere at last with my CBT. Well, no actually, all she has to say is her team have looked at my case, but because Asperger is more of a specialised area, she feels that I would be better served by a CBT team from Leicester. So she asked for my permission to refer to said team for an assessment. Yet another assessment.

Some time scale here. My report was completed in Feb' this year, recommendation for CBT enclosed, the social worker assess me on 23/05, and then turns up today 18/06, to tell me that I now have to wait for an appointment, not yet made to be assessed again.
Social workers get a bad press sometimes, but I have always held the opinion that they do a good job in a difficult environment. Now however, I have come to the conclusion, that Hilary at least, just either isn't bothered or is incompetent. Or on reflection, even worse, is both. Some of my traits are that I can get very emotional, feel empathy and have a need to see that people come first. What do I do for a living, providing I keep my job, I work in a warehouse. The more I think about it ( A dangerous exercise, and one that shouldn't be taken without a lot of thought..........mmmmmmmm) the more I realise that the world has gone Arse about Face.
Anyway, on to other matters. Jayne and I have booked return flights to Shannon Airport in Ireland. Leaving 09/10/08. Returning 13/10/08. We are looking to stop in the village of Doolin, County Clare for the 4 nights, but as yet have not made any reservations regarding B&B. This is because Doolin seems inundated with places to stay. We have made quite a long short list, and have decided to phone each one looking for the best deal. This will be our first trip to "The Emerald Island" and so we're look forward to it with eager anticipation.
One or two Gladys covers, let me say that all covers shown are from my own "library" and not just blagged.

"Adders on the heath" First published Michael Joseph Ltd, London. 1963. p240.

"Convent on Styx" First published Michael Joseph Ltd, London. 1975. p205.

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