Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Pearls of wisdom, or Confucius says.....

For those who don't know Charlie Chan, look and learn.

What is wealth? Write down a list of friends and you have answer.

A women's heart is like a needle at the bottom of the sea.

Do not follow on the heels of a sorrow, or it may turn back.

Under a strong general there are no weak soldiers.

There is a time to fish, and a time to dry the nets.

All mischief comes from opening the mouth. (I like this one.)

The deer should not play with the tiger.

Hear twice as much as you tell.

Can you dispel fog with a fan.

Talk will not cook rice.

Can the morning dew fill a well?

Fortune calls at the smiling gate.

I never yet smashed promise to a friend.

The ignorant are never defeated in argument. (Oh, how true?)

When the dinner is ended, who values the spoon?

Honey in the mouth often means poison in the heart. ( I have met several people that adhere to this.)

The drum which makes the most noise is filled with wind. ( My absolute favourite.)

The stupidest man in the town may point out the road to the school.

I am dull and stupid but often the gods go out of way to take care of such.

All these come from the back cover of Charlie Chan Carries On. Written by Earl Derr Biggers. First published by The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Indianapolis 1930. Pages 334.
Baseball update; Fleckney Flyers 367 overall, In 13 BJ div
Nice 'n' Sleazy 271 overall, In 9 BJ div.
Kay, I do so hope you enjoy the book, but please be warned Glady's is a required taste, and she is so not Agatha Christie/Ngaio Marsh. This may not be the best book to break your Glady's "Virginity". However I have every faith in you, enjoy.

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